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The word registry uses 8 total characters with white space

The word registry uses 8 total characters with white out space

The word "registry" uses 7 unique characters: E G I R S T Y

Number of all permutations npr for registry 5040

Number of all combination ncr for registry 5040

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3 same character containing word For registry

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registry (plural registries)

  1. A building in which things are registered or where registers are kept.
  2. A record; an account; a register.
    • 2002, Bride's Book of Etiquette (Revised) (page 276)
      The best — and easiest — way to shop for the "perfect" gift is to consult the couple's wedding gift registry, since these are the items they want and need []
  3. The act of registering; registration.
  4. (computing) A database of configurations etc. maintained by the Microsoft Windows operating system.
    • 1999, John Papa, ‎C. Caison, ‎Matt Brown, Professional ADO RDS programming with ASP (page 252)
      To unregister a DLL and remove the corresponding entries from the registry, add the /u switch to the command []

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