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The word couple-beggar uses 12 total characters with white out space

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Originally a verb-noun compound, "one who couples beggars"; later extended to cases where the spouses were not destitute.


couple-beggar (plural couple-beggars)

  1. (historical) One who, for a fee, performs an unauthorised wedding service, especially for poor people (originally beggars).
    • 1836 Mrs S.C. Hall Harry O'Reardon, Or, Illustrations of Irish Pride, p.13:
      Yet you'd have no license, but be married by beggarly bans ! [...] Sure it's wonderful you don't seek out a couple-beggar, and get married like the heathens in the time of Nebecudnazar !
    • 1994 Dympna McLoughlin "Women and sexuality in nineteenth century Ireland" The Irish Journal of Psychology Vol.15 pp.266–275:
      these destitute paupers believed themselves to be married, since they had paid a small sum of money to a 'couple beggar' and in return he performed a rudimentary ritual over them.


  • Appendix 2: Report by Mr. Herbert Wood on certain registers of irregular marriages celebrated by unlicensed clergymen, known as couple-beggars. Thirty-third report of the Deputy Keeper of the Public Records and Keeper of the State Papers in Ireland pp.22–29 [Cmd.1176] (1902)